Official iPhone and Android Twitter Apps – Ads Coming

Ads on iPhone and Android Twitter Apps

“Get ready for Twitter ads on your smartphone.

Today Twitter announced the inclusion of Promoted Tweets in its native iPhone and Android apps.

Currently, iPhone and Android users only see Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets in the search function of Twitter’s official app.

And Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts have long been part of Twitter’s mobile browser display as well.”

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My view on the ads is that this is just fine.

Twitter has been around for quite awhile now, gaining popularity unmatched to many others, and has not intruded on it’s users lives in any way.

Celebrities, business owners, bloggers and general users alike, have benefited from Twitter since it’s inception, so why can’t they start monetizing as they like.

We are bombarded with ads every minute of everyday of our lives, but nobody is forcing you to join the conversation on Twitter.

Plus, as the article points out, “First, initially the ads (i.e., the Promoted Tweets) will be from companies you’re already following. So, if you follow Virgin Air, you could see an ad for discounted airfares.”

There are additional facts to learn first before forming an opinion as well, from this Wired article so be sure to read through it, as well, information provided by Twitter on their official blog.

I wish Twitter all the monetization success moving forward, and have enjoyed the service.

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