How Pinteresting – Adding the (Pin It) button to iPad Bookmarks

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As stated from – “Pinterest is an online pinboard.  Organize and share the things you love”.

In order to become a member of Pinterest you’ll have to click on “request an invite” from the home page.  Once approved you’ll have the ability to “Pin” interesting items you find throughout the web.

It does take sometime to get an invite, but if someone that’s already a member invites you, you’ll be able to sign up right away.

This article focuses on now to setup your “Pin It” bookmark if you are using an iPad.

When on the iPad you can’t just click on “Pin It” and drag it to your bookmarks like on a PC.

If you have a PC though, it’s as easy as click and drag.

Steps for adding “Pin It” button on iPad

1.  Add New Safari Bookmark

Add Bookmark on iPad


2.  Name the bookmark whatever you want, but “Pin It” might be what you’re going for and click save

Naming bookmark on iPad

3.  Copy the following code and do not leave anything out including the ; at the very end.

javascript:void((function(){var%20e=document.createElement(‘script’); e.setAttribute(‘type’,'text/javascript’); e.setAttribute(‘charset’,'UTF-8′); e.setAttribute(‘src’,' r=’+Math.random()*99999999);document.body.appendChild(e)})());

4. Click on the bookmarks icon again and then click on edit.

5. Click on the newly created bookmark, then in the address field below the bookmark name paste in the code from above, click save.

Your new “Pin It” or whatever named bookmark is now what you’ll click when you want to Pin something interesting.

Naming bookmark on iPad

How to Use the Pin It Bookmark

When you land on a webpage and find interesting pictures you’ll want to click bookmarks, Pin It.

After you click on Pin It you’ll see a screen that looks like this.

Pinterest at Work

You’ll then want to click on whichever picture you want to pin, then click “Pin This” which you’ll see on the picture.

This then brings up the “ADD PIN” box for Pinterest shown below.

Adding a Pin in Pinterest

From here you can click the top box to add a description of the Pin.
You will also want to click on Board and then either enter a new Board name or choose an existing one.

NOTE: Board is just the term that Pinterest uses, but it’s just a category.

Pinterest Pin DescriptionPinterest Board Creation

When you’re done click on “Pin It” from the “Add a Pin” screen and that’s it.

You’ll then be brought to your profile, showing what you just pinned. From here you can share it on Facebook, go to your Pinterest profile as well as other things.

Here’s what that looks like. My wife was logged into Pinterest when I copied these screenshots so that’s the profile you are seeing.

New Pinterest Pin Added

I hope these steps to add the “Pin It” bookmark using an iPad were helpful to you.

Please share this information with anyone you know that is having the same problem or if you just want to give them a small introduction to Pinterest.

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  • Faith Christianson

    This works around 35% of the time. I hate not being able to use my pinterest while I’m on my iPad. Annoying.

    • Scott Sprich

      Hey Faith. I gotta say after my wife needed to figure this out and I saw how many other issues there are when using the iPad, I quickly became a non-believer of the iPad. There’s that issue and a problem with the boards. Sometimes when she tries to choose a board to pin to she can’t scroll through all the available boards. I sent multiple emails to Pinterest Support, but never received a reply. Their support is virtually non-existent.