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Just like a ring or a necklace, nails can be an accessory to your look.  It doesn’t matter if you have real or artificial nails, how you decorate them says a lot about your personality.

Jewelry is one of those timeless fashion items that have been around for centuries, and most likely will remain as relevant as they are today in the following decades.

Whatever Katy Perry does is fine.

Some of her looks are going to be flops and some are going to inspire young girls everywhere to take chances with their style.

Personally as a guy I could care less, but staying on top of what’s going on with celebrity I thought it would be of interest to some.

If you’ve ever heard her story of getting to the top, you would see how much she doesn’t care about what anyone thinks anyway.

“Chicago-based company Oak Street Bootmakers continues to churn out products using old-world ingenuity as its guiding force.

George Vlagos, founder and designer, steps in front of the camera to walk the viewer through what makes the Maine-crafted pieces so very special.”