Patio Designs – 10 Design Ideas for Your Backyard

January 12, 2015| Category : Home
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Outdoor Patio Designs

Patio designs don’t have to be overstated and elaborate to be functional and fun.

I know I would love to have sitting areas, fireplaces or fire-pits, water features, and more in my backyard patio, but until then I’ll get my inspiration from these 10 patio designs.

Although I don’t currently have a patio in my backyard I did help a friend of mine with his.  If you’re thinking of doing the work yourself just know that it’s not that hard, but it is very labor intensive.

Just to give you an idea, my friend was quoted around $18,000 for a 25×25 patterned patio with 15′x3′ walkway from the driveway.  After materials and 1 week worth of work by myself and him he only spent $5,000.

Enjoy these 10 inspirational patio designs.


Patio Designs

In this design I like the way they used different sized patio stone, and staggered the layout. The fireplace, built-in grill and sitting bench don’t hurt either.

Patio Cover Designs

Patio cover designs like this do more than just provide shade. This is actually what I want to do over my deck.

If you are looking to save money on your electricity bill, earn tax credits, and even make money on your unused energy consumption you may want to go with this design.

Taking pergola to a new level your designer could create a covered patio with a solar paneled roof. This way there is no need to attach the panels to your roof or take up yard space.

You’ll get your shade and be creating electricity all at the same time. Love this idea.

Paver patio design

This design can be created by anyone, and for minimal cost.  These 18×18 paver stones can be bought at home depot in the garden area. I actually bought about 20 of them for a small area under my deck.

I laid them out quickly with just a bit of digging and it looks much better then the dirt that was there. You really should dig out the area and tamp the ground out flat to the height of the stone, and then lay them out.

This photo has 28 stones and look at the effect they created. The best part is that it’s not permanent so you won’t need to visit your town to get a permit. (In most towns anyway).

Backyard Patio Design

This backyard patio design just displays the use of a fire element. Not quite a fire pit, but more as a decorative (yet expensive) citronella candle.

Interestingly enough, if you do a search in Google for “outdoor fire water feature” you’ll find some great fountains like this one pictured above.

Luxury Patio Design

How about drawing some outdoor design inspiration from this. I’ve never seen a sunken living room surrounded by an infinity edge pool, with a walkway leading to it and a firepit waiting for you and your guests. Awesome.

Luxurious Backyard Patio Design

This design stood out for me not only for the staggered layout of the patio stones in this design, but also the use of potted plants and taller trees.

Using the over-sized potted plants and taller trees seems to be a great way to bring some luxury to a otherwise stale stone patio.

Garden Patio Lighted Walkway

Serralunga Lights

How about using these Serralunga lights for you outside patio walkway. This walkover lighting is from Serralunga.  Designer Roberto Paoli was inspired by Michael Jackson’s music video for Billy Jean (where his dance moves coincide with the lighted floor), and thus Jacko Steps were born.

These funky, fun garden pavement lights come in a string of five, which you can arrange in any pattern – as a single illuminated border surrounding your flower beds and plantings, or as an illuminated pathway three “stones” deep.

Patio Design Ideas

Just your everyday Jersey Shore beach house. The use of stone tied in with any kind of decking material makes for a unique design.

Luxury Patio Design

This luxury patio design uses a multitude of building materials in it’s design layout.  From the far they used an earthy grass element overlapped with stone, and what appears to be a metal sculpture.

They then mixed what looks like blue stone in different sizes with wood decking, and a tiled jacuzzi hot tub.  There is much going on here, but it all flows really nicely.

Patio Tile Design

This unique patio tile design shows how using tile you can achieve any level of creativity. Just as tiling within your home, but you might choose to be a bit more risky in your outside design.

Have fun, use crazy colors, and create an energetic atmosphere in your backyard.

Patio Designs – Unique Designs for Your Backyard

Granite Dust Flagstone Patio

In this 8min video this guy makes it look really easy. Just really labor intensive.


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