Spring Break Behavior – The Social Media Impact

Spring Break Cancun

Fox News recently ran a report about Spring Break behavior, covering the impact that social media could be having on party goers.

With everything we do these days being captured and shared, some might have to think twice before completely letting loose.

Watch the full report below and let us know what you think.

Spring Break Behavior

Point of View

I do believe that a select view “Spring Breakers” might be more cautious, but once that liquor gets flowing anything can happen, while inhibitions are lifted.

With shows like the ‘Jersey Shore‘ returning for a sixth season, as reported by the Washington Post, it glorifies such uninhibited behavior.

Of course the new season will be different (maybe) because Snooki is pregnant.  We shall see.

I wouldn’t think for a second though that the other house mates are about to tone things down.

There will be many drunken nights, fights, protected or unprotected sex, and fans will continue to watch.

It sure didn’t hurt the casts pockets, so why would your average ‘Spring Breaker’ stop and think before they act?

As the Fox News report shows, what happens in Daytona Beach, Las Vegas, or the Jersey Shore just might not stay there, thanks to social media.

If you’re not ok with your employer, co-workers, classmates, family members or significant others seeing it, then think before you act.