New Tiger ad: Nike Has Lost its Soul

Tiger Woods Nike Ad

Tiger Woods finally caught back up with his talent this week, and his destiny is within spitting distance once again.

His long climb back to the world No. 1 ranking after career and life stumbles is, quite frankly, inspiring.

Nike decided to go with: “Winning takes care of everything” as a Facebook and Twitter ad Monday because, apparently, “go blank yourself” already had been taken.

Yes, the company that once brought us Just Do It, a phrase that motivated a generation to get back in the game and play ball, is now selling “sleep with people not named your wife in church parking lots, destroy your family, do so while its back is turned and as long as you win then Just Screw It.”

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This is the most ridiculous take on Nike’s new ad.  Tiger Woods single handedly changed the face of golf forever, and due to his indiscretions he’s got to continuously deal with scrutiny from the haters.

I don’t agree with what he did to his wife and family at all, but lets separate the issues out.

Many marriages end in many ways and adultery probably leads the pact.  The critics want to treat him like a political figure because he’s in the public eye, but Tiger’s personal life doesn’t stop him from inspiring young men and women that love the game of golf.

If we can forgive ex-presidents (Clinton) for being adulterers, and now pay them hundreds of thousands for speaking engagements then lets back off of Tiger Woods for trying to regain the trust of his sponsors.

Time to forgive, forget, and move on. It’s his business and should stay between himself, his ex-wife and family.


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