Dr. David Agus reveals The End of Illness


Do you think you’re doing everything you can to monitor and take care of your health?  Are regular checkups routine for you?

If not they should be, but what may your body be telling you that you’re missing, and how can you use this information to start the end of illness or disease before it happens.

The perfect example is when you hear about the 35 year old athlete that died suddenly while jogging.  Why does this happen, and what did the doctors miss that could’ve prevented this.

There’s a good chance that their were warning signals that were probably ignored, which if addressed, could’ve prevented such a sudden death.

Dr. David Agus has a new book called, “The End of Illness“, in which he speaks of preventing disease all together, not just treating it after being diagnosed.

As reported on ABC News, all week long, on every show aired they will be speaking of this new approach.

Dr. David Agus Credentials

To see a full list of credentials visit his site Navigenics which he co-founded.Dr. David Agus

Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California

Director of the USC Center for Applied Molecular Medicine and the USC Westside Prostate Cancer Center

Held a position as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Cornell University Medical Center.

Honors and Awards include:

American Cancer Society Physician Research Award

Clinical Scholar Award from the Sloan-Kettering Institute

International Myeloma Foundation Visionary Science Award

American Cancer Society Clinical Oncology Fellowship Award

Founder of Oncology.com

The Rockstar of Science

Dr. Agus has been referred to as the, “Rockstar of Science” and has helped such celebrities as Lance Armstrong, Ted Kennedy, and was responsible for helping Steve Jobs fight his long battle with cancer.

He takes a proactive approach to medicine, promoting involvement by the patient before you see symptoms.  Miracle cures don’t need to be the answer if you find, diagnose and start working on the problem before it gets too bad.

As Dr. Agus would say, “if your system is out of balance your body will alert you to this” (paraphrased).

As ABC News reported:  “Red flags are literally at your fingertips.  If your ring finger is bigger than your index finger you’re almost twice as likely to get osteoarthritis.  If you’re a woman, finger length correlates to testosterone exposure in utero.  So for ladies with that longer ring finger, yoga and regular stretching will take care of your joints.  Men keep an eye on your ankles.  Dr. Agus says, “if all of the sudden their is no hair down there that may mean a circulatory problem. Next, how comfortable are those shoes?  Although heels may make you look great with them on, your achy feet are trying to send you a warning.”

Dr. Agus says, “achy feet mean inflammation, and inflammation in the long term is bad for heart disease, cancer, or neurodegenerative diseases.  Those aches today have alot of effect on your joints.  In a day, week, or year that starts to add up.”

Another tip by Dr. Agus, “your watch may be the best healthcare device you carry because eating and sleeping at the same time every day even weekends, helps ward off disease.

Dr. Agus, “if you have your lunch today at noon and tomorrow at 3pm, for 2hours your stress hormones in your body go up.  The more regular you make your schedule, the better you’re going to perform.  Both physically and mentally during the day.”

These messages from Dr. Agus were dictated from the ABC News report.

The ABC News report was eye opening to watch as the reporter Bill Weir, who is seemingly in great shape, went through a series of tests which showed calcification on his heart artery wall.  Dr. Agus then went over with Bill Weir just how he could combat that by eating certain foods, eliminating others, as well as what exercise regimen he should follow.

Dr. Agus is also involved with The Rockstars of Science Organization

Dr. Agus on why men avoid doctors:  “Men’s diseases like prostate cancer are further behind in research then breast cancer in large part due to men’s lack of taking an active role in their own health, and lack of participation in clinical trials as compared to women”.

Dr. David Agus – A New Strategy in the War on Cancer