Chris Cornell and Others Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston


With the recent death of Whitney Houston, other artists are celebrating her by performing her music.

Chris Cornell has done his rendition of “I Will Always Love You” below.

For those not familiar with Chris Cornell, go his website bio page to learn more at

Enjoy his rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

Here are some other tributes to Whitney Houston.

Footage from the Whitney Houston Funeral

Below, Kevin Costner speaks of his time with Whitney Houston when working on “The Bodyguard” movie.

He talks about his similarities with her, family life, and her insecurities which were her greatest asset and biggest detriment.

Kevin Costner tribute to Whitney at her Funeral

There have been many reactions to Whitney Houston’s death and Twitter and Facebook were buzzing of course.

See what fans and some not so fans had to say about her death.

Whatever your opinion on how Whitney Houston died, it really doesn’t matter.

As her real bodyguard said at her funeral, and I’m paraphrasing.

“We all need to give love to your entertainers, singers, musicians, actors, actresses because these people give much up for us to just be entertained.  They don’t see their families, their homes, their friends and much more just so we can be entertained”.

Of course life is all about choices and we all make ours, but don’t take away some of the great enjoyment Whitney Houston has brought to all of us, because of some factors in her life.

RIP Whitney Houston.

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