The Best Packing Tips for Moving House

Packing Tips

You’re soon to be handed the keys to your brand-new home and need to get your furniture and belongings packed and ready to go.

In order to make this daunting task easier, more convenient and less stressful, take some advice from the experts and follow these packing tips for moving house.

It’s All About the Boxes

When it comes to safe and easy house moving, good-quality boxes are a must.

Ideally, boxes should be of uniform sizes.  You want a selection of large boxes, small boxes and possibly some wardrobe boxes for your clothing.

Using uniform-sized boxes makes for easier stacking and will take up less space in a removal truck, trailer or van.  Use large boxes for large items and small boxes for small items.

Brand-new corrugated packing boxes can be expensive, especially when moving a full house load.  If you’re looking to save money, many storage and removal companies sell second-hand boxes.

Be Sure You Reinforce

Whether you use brand-new or second-hand boxes, you need to properly reinforce them to ensure they keep their shape and protect your belongings.

Reinforce the base of boxes with tape.  Heavy boxes, such as those filled with books, may require extra reinforcement to ensure contents don’t fall out the bottom.

Don’t Waste Space

Pack boxes with heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top.  Any box, no matter what size, shouldn’t exceed 20 kilograms.

Anything heavier is going to be difficult to move and is likely to tear the box.

You want to pack boxes to the top, but not over-pack them.  Each box needs to close and seal properly.  Use soft items, like tea towels, cushions, clothing, bubble wrap or packing paper in between gaps and spaces.

This helps to support the box once packed and protects contents inside.  The less chance that items can shift around inside a packed box the less likelihood of anything inside breaking.

If an item can fit into a box, it should go into a box.  The easiest, fastest and most effective way to move house is to have as much as possible packed into uniform boxes.

Protect Your Fragile Items

When packing glass and other fragile items, it pays to use packing paper instead of newspaper.  Don’t over-pack these fragile boxes.  Use more than one sheet of packing paper for each item, and don’t pack items tightly together.

Leave some space between items.  Filling gaps with scrunched up paper will ensure your fragile items will travel safely without suffering any breakages.

Placing breakables in an upright position, as opposed to laying them down, also helps to reduce the risk of breakages.

Make Sure to Prioritize

There are always small items that you want to keep track of during your move.

These may include bed base wheels, headboard screws, the cordless telephone or your jewellery.

Set aside a few small boxes for priority items and clearly label them accordingly.

Ensure these priority boxes go with you in the car or are the last things onto the truck and the first things off the truck when you reach your new home.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Labeling Boxes

Clearly labeling all boxes can save a huge amount of stress when you want to find particular items.

With box labels you really can’t be too in-depth. It helps to label each box by room, by its contents, and even by a numbering system.

By numbering each of your boxes, you’ll know if you’ve left something behind, misplaced a box or are missing a box.

Be Ready Come Moving Day

Packing an entire household is a tiring and daunting task and often takes longer than what people anticipate.

To ensure your moving day runs as smoothly as possible, make sure everything is packed and ready for moving before the truck arrives.  You don’t want to be still packing boxes while the movers are loading the truck.

Any items that aren’t going with you to your new home should be kept well separated and clearly identified by the movers to avoid any confusion.

To save time, space and money come moving day, have beds and other furniture items dismantled before the truck arrives.

About the Author:  This article was written by Ryan Baines, owner and operator of a successful moving company.  Ryan helps hundreds of families each year successfully move across town or interstate.  With his headquarters in North Melbourne, Ryan works closely with many home and land developers, such as Mandalay at Beveridge.  You can view an image gallery of Mandalay’s new facilities online.


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