Modern Home Created from UK Water Pumping Station

The Pump House - England - UK

Camouflaged in the north of England, UK, this exceptional two-story building is the result of a notable architecture conversion.

The Pump House is the contemporary and sophisticated version of a former water pumping station in Ilkley and shelters three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two receptions.

The Pump House Kitchen

The Pump House Living Room

What I love most about this project is the shocking transformation you see, once you enter this building.

Still quite industrial outside, but inside; now a stylish, modern, yet cozy home.

You get the high ceilings with enough natural light to brighten up the space completely.

The layout has been thoughtfully planned and functions great for any couple, bachelor, bachelorette or family.

As a bonus, in case you were interested, it’s still for sale as of the writing of this article.


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