Little Tikes Grillin’ Grand Kitchen – Product Review

Liliana Posing with her Little Tikes Kitchen Set

Hey everyone.  My daughter Liliana decided that she wanted to help me talk about her new Little Tikes kitchen set.

She’s just under 2 and a half years old so she did her best, but she can’t be any cuter.

I had her play with all the kitchen accessories that it comes with and had her show some of the kitchens features.

To start with here are some screenshots of what it looks like and what it comes with.

Just click on an image to see it full size.

My Opinions on this Little Tikes Kitchen Set

First off I apologize for not having pictures of this item right out of the box.

It comes in many pieces and takes about 1hr to assemble, then put all the stickers on.  In total there are 43 assembly steps.

Every sticker comes on one sheet and is labeled with a number to it’s corresponding part.

Little TikesNOTE: The stickers come wrapped in a RED cardboard cover which says “Do Not Discard”, or something to that effect.  It’s looks like garbage so be sure to not throw that away.

I recommend using a drill to assemble.  I used a screwdriver and it just gets tiresome on the wrist.

You will also need 5 batteries.  3 “AA” and 2 “AAA” batteries, (Not Included).  2 for the BBQ and 3 for the stove.

The included accessories are:

- 2 storage baskets
- 2 coffee cups
- 2 plates
- 2 drinking cups
- 2 cooking pans
- 2 forks
- 2 knives
- 2 spoons
- 1 spatchula
- 1 tongs
- 1 coffee pot
- 1 hot dog
- 1 hamburger with bun
- 1 ear of corn
- 1 bottle of ketchup
- 4 ice cubes
- 1 cordless telephone

On the stove you have a red button, which when pressed plays the different sounds for the coffee, stove fan, microwave, and teapot.

The BBQ has a red button on it similar to a real ignition switch on a grill, but that’s more for effect.  To make the BBQ sound you would use the black dial to the bottom left of the ignition switch.

The oven and dishwasher look great, but are more for storage as they don’t have any sounds associated with them.  They do have dials though so the kids can pretend to be setting them for cleaning and baking.

The refrigerator is also great for storage, but the one downside is the ice maker.  Although the option is great, getting ice to come out is tough.  The ice cubes need to be set in the ice maker horizontally for them to come out, and only 2 out of the 4 provided can fit in the compartment at the same time.

Storage all around is great for all the accessories provided, as well as any other accessories you may purchase separately.  You can store items under the BBQ, oven, dishwasher, basket compartments, refrigerator, microwave, and overhead cabinet.

The sink faucet doesn’t swivel like a real one, nor does the on/off lever move up and down.  There are no sounds for running water either.

My daughter Liliana is always trying to pull on the faucet lever or swivel it so that might be a good product change.

The hooks provided for hanging accessories are somewhat small.  This doesn’t allow for the items to be fully hooked through the provided holes.  This leads to the items falling off frequently as she moves around the kitchen.

Even though the phone is just a clunky plastic phone, she loves pretending talking on it and being able to hang it back up, just as we do.

All in all, how can the purchase of this Little Tikes kitchen set be a bad one.  It’s pretend at it’s best for a child as young as mine at 2 1/2 yrs. old up to 3+ as it’s made for.

My daughter has enjoyed it greatly and we’ve had a blast playing.

The purchase price from Little Tikes is $159.99.

Online purchase sites:  I’m not endorsing any, just providing the resources.  Please do your due diligence.  Mine was purchased for Costco.

- Amazon Reviews – 47 of them to check – 4 stars, as of time of article
- Toys R’ Us
- Little Tikes
- WalMart – Other Little Tikes Products
- Sam’s Club

Liliana Sprich’s Video Review – Little Tikes Grillin’ Grand Kitchen

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