6 Ways You’re Wasting Energy As You Read This

Home Energy Waste

You want to save money, right?  Well, the best way to do this is to save energy.

Unfortunately, we all have our little habits and quirks that are not energy-efficient.

In fact, you are probably wasting tons of electricity right now, as you are reading this.

Is Your Phone or Laptop Battery at Full Power?

Laptop Battery

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Your cell phone and laptop do not need to be plugged in if they already have a full charge.

In fact, even if they aren’t fully charged they probably don’t need to be plugged in.

Every time you plug them in, you are pulling power.  And if you have the charger plugged in, without the device on it, you are wasting power, as well.

Close the Doors and Windows

You would be surprised how many people leave their doors or windows cracked while running either the air conditioner or heater.

Well, maybe you wouldn’t be too surprised.  Take a look around your home.  Are any windows open?

If so, go ahead and close them.  If the temperature is wrong, adjust the thermostat.  Don’t try to fix the problem by leaking the air you are paying for.

If your doors aren’t weather stripped—it won’t matter how good you are at keeping the door closes-you’re wasting energy.

You can find new, energy efficient weather stripping at your local hardware store.  This is a must for conserving energy.

You’ve Heard it Before – Turn Off the Lights

When you aren’t in a room, make sure the lights are off.

If there are lights on in a room you are not in, it is a complete waste of energy.

What is the point of leaving lights on when there is no one occupying the room?  In addition to this, if there is enough natural light outside to keep the house lit, you may want to consider turning the lights off.

To take this further, replace any old light bulbs in your home with new, energy efficient models that will last longer, use less energy and produce less heat.

If You Leave the Water Running, You are Wasting

Ok, so this one isn’t right this moment, but when you brush your teeth or wash the dishes, do you leave the water running through the entire process?

Turn the water off to save power, energy, and water.

You don’t need the water running when you aren’t actually using it, so why keep it running?

Your water system can consume energy when you aren’t even using it if you have a traditional electric tank water heater.  These bulky models constantly use energy to maintain a reservoir of hot water for spontaneous use.

Switching to a tankless, gas powered model can save a ton of energy and give you peace of mind.

Drying Clothes in the Dryer

Saving Energy

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Do you currently have clothes in the dryer? Is it a bright, warm day outside?

If so, you could easily save energy and money by drying your clothes on a clothes line.  If you don’t have a clothes line set up yet, it’s a fairly simple process.

Set up a clothes line; it’ll save you tons of money in the warmer months.

When the clothes line simply won’t do, you can conserve a considerable amount of energy by opting for newer, energy efficient washers and dryers that sip energy.

Get a gas powered dryer for even greater energy savings.  Make sure to clean out your dryer line from time to time as lint can build up causing reduced efficiency.

Worse yet, a fire could break out.  Save yourself on the home insurance deductible and simply clean it out on a regular basis.

Leaving the Television on for Background Noise

Ok, we get it; having background noise is really nice sometimes.  However, leaving the television on all the time is a really big power suck.

Unless you have a fortune to spend on your power bill, you really should turn the tv off.

If you need some background noise, consider a lower power consumption option.

Play some music on your phone, or play something on the computer you are already on.

There are many ways we all waste energy all the time.

You can find more tips at sites like commerceenergydeals or whoever your energy provider happens to be.

Can you identify any other ways you may be wasting energy right now?  Let us know in the comments below.


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