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In 1902, the Omaha Public Library banned Mark Twain’s critically acclaimed novel Huckleberry Finn from its bookshelves.  In response, the author sent the library a brief letter that included the following excerpt:

It’s no secret that a child’s education plays a significant role in her development during early childhood and is a determining factor in her success as an adult.

Helping young children to acquire the skills they need to progress and develop along the prescribed timeline is one of a parent’s most important jobs.

Extroverts are considered to be very outgoing and social individuals, and they draw their energy from being around other people.

Spanking: Just the word is enough to make some people shudder with the memory of a punishment that went too far.

Although fewer children are spanked today than in the past, the practice still persists, despite evidence of the harm it causes.

You want to give your baby every opportunity to grow and develop into a happy and healthy child.  The first few months of life are important – during the fifth and 20th weeks of life, your baby’s brain generates between 50,000 and 100,000 new brain cells.

When you first bring a new baby home from the hospital, discipline is probably the farthest thing from your mind.

As he gets older and begins to assert himself more, however, it becomes apparent that a strong, effective disciplinary strategy is imperative.

Families who are transitioning away from co-sleeping or even those who are new to dealing with a child who won’t stay in his own bed after moving to a toddler bed that’s easy to escape are no stranger to the challenge that is mastering the full night’s sleep.

While spanking kids is still a practice adhered to by some North American parents, it’s one that is met with its share of controversy and opposition.