10 of the World’s Most Expensive Things 2012


Since the popularity of this post on the most expensive things in the world I decided to follow this up with a show I love to watch called Million Dollar Rooms.

The show is on HGTV and goes into the most over the top indoor or outdoor rooms in the country.

They call them “million dollar rooms”, but some are way in excess of this.

Be sure to check out “10 HGTV Million Dollar Rooms” after reading through this post.

Most Expensive Car

The most expensive car in the world is currently the Bugatti Veyron Supersport.  This Bugatti is made in France and boasts a 16 cylinder – 1,200 horsepower engine.

The Bugatti hits a blistering 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

Top Speed: 268 mph

Price Tag: $2,600,000

Bugatti Veyron Supersport

Image via Gizmag.com

All images via Gizmag

Most Expensive Watch

The most expensive watch in the world is the 201 carat Chopard.

Having a spring-loaded mechanism which, when pressed, allows the three heart shapes to mechanically open up, much the way the petals of a flower will in the sunshine.

Like a fine piece of art, but totally ridiculous in my opinion.

Price Tag:  $25,000,000

Most Expensive Watch - 201 Carat Chopard

The Chopard timepiece is encased is precious gems to include the following:

- 1 heart-shaped diamond, natural Fancy Pink, Internally Flawess, 15.37 carats.
- 1 heart-shaped diamond, natural Fancy Blue, VS2, 12.79 carats.
- 1 heart-shaped diamond, D color, Flawless, 11.36 carats.
- 3 pear-shaped diamonds, natural Fancy Intense Yellow, 8.45 carats total.
- 26 pear-shaped diamonds, natural Fancy Intense Yellow, 17.07 carats total.
- 48 round diamonds, natural Fancy Yellow, 8.81 carats total.
- 260 pear-shaped diamonds, all D color, Flawless, 60.94 carats total.
- 91 round diamonds, D color, Flawless, 10.29 carats total.
- 443 FC diamonds, natural Fancy Intense Yellow, 4.95 carats total.

Most Expensive Colleges

There are many expensive colleges in the world, but Columbia University in NYC hits the tops.

Tuition: $45,290

Columbia University Campus

Most Expensive House

The most expensive house in the world is owned by Billionaire Mukesh Ambani of India.

With a net worth of $43 billion why not build a skyscraper for your wife and 3 kids to live in.

This 27 story (family home) skyscraper is located in downtown Mumbai India.

Why not, right?

Price Tag:  $2,000,000,000

Most Expensive House in the World

Most Expensive House in the World


- 550 Feet High
- 400,000 sqft
- No two floors are alike in either plans or materials used
- 6 story parking lot
- 9 elevators
- Several storage rooms and lounges
- Indoor/outdoor bar
- Green rooms
- Powder rooms
- Entourage room for security guards and assistants to relax
- 4 story open garden
- 85% of material and labor used are from India

There is much more to learn about this home on Forbes.com.

Most Expensive Shoes

The most expensive shoes in the world are the Harry Winston Ruby Slippers.

Price Tag:  $3,000,000

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

As a celebration of the 50th anniversary of, “The Wizard of Oz”, Harry Winston’s son Ronald Winston wanted to do something special.

Home to 4,600 rubies totaling 1,350 carats, as well as 50 carats of diamonds.

Most Expensive Dog

The world’s most expensive dog is a Red Tibetan Mastiff called ‘Big Splash’.

Price Tag:  $1,500,000

World's Most Expensive Dog

World’s Most Expensive Dog

Thought to be one of the world’s oldest and most venerable breeds.

Rumored owners to include Genghis Khan and the Buddha.

Size:  3ft tall and weighing 180lbs, as of 11 months old.

Source: MSNBC

Most Expensive Wine

The most expensive wine in the world is a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787.

Price Tag:  $160,000

Most Expensive Wine - Chateau Lafite 1787

Most Expensive Wine – Chateau Lafite 1787

Sold at this price at Christie’s London in 1985.

The bottle bears Thomas Jefferson’s initials etched on the glass.

Most Expensive Guitar

The most expensive guitar in the world is a signed Reach Out to Asia Fender Stratocaster.

Price Tag:  $2,800,000

Reach out to Asia Fender Stratocaster

Reach out to Asia Fender Stratocaster

Purchased in Qatar in 2005 at auction.

The singer Bryan Adams wanted the sell of the guitar to support the 2004 tsunami relief.

Signed by:  Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Sting, Liam Gallagher, Jeff beck, Def Leppard, and Angus & Malcolm Young.

Originally auctioned for 1 million dollars, then later resold for 2.7 million to support another charity.

So the actual total value is $3.7 million.

Most Expensive Yacht

The world’s most expensive private yacht is the Eclipse.

Price Tag:  $590,000,000

World's Most Expensive Yacht

World’s Most Expensive Yacht – Eclipse

Owned by Chelsea boss and Roman Abramovich.

Equipped with early-warning missile detection.

Built in 2010 and is just over 538ft long.

The Eclipse can accommodate up to 30 guests in 15 cabins and also cater for a staggering 75 crew members.

Can be privately charted for a mere $2 million per week, plus expenses (notably $650,000 for a single fuel fill-up).

Most Expensive Cell Phone

The world’s most expensive cell phone is (of course) an iPhone.

The Diamond Covered iPhone 4S hits the tops for the priciest cell phone in the world to date.

Price Tag: $9,400,000

Most Expensive Cell Phone - Diamond iPhone 4S

Most Expensive Cell Phone – Diamond iPhone 4S

Created by Stuart Hughes.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold - Close Up

iPhone 4S Elite Gold – Close Up


- Apple logo is covered with 53 individual diamonds
- Only 2 made
- Has a 24ct gold back plate
- Diamond encrusted home button
- Side bezel filled with over 500 flawless diamonds totaling over 100ct
- Has custom box made of solid Platinum
- Box is covered in diamonds and rare gems including: Opal, Pietersite, Charoite, Rutile Quartz and Star Sunstone.
- The box is also finished with polished pieces of bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex

iPhone 4S Elite Gold Box

iPhone 4S Elite Gold Box

So these are some of the most expensive things in the world, but while writing this I found some crazy creations out there.

Just do a Google search for “most expensive things in the world” and you will be mesmerized for hours.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these items.  Please let me know what you think below.

Most Expensive former NFL Player Homes

World’s Most Expensive Carwash

My Dream Home – There will be Customizations Though

  • Tomkaten

    What an unbelievable collection of useless trash, and people wonder why the world is in the gutter… I hope this monetary system gets fucked up soon and we move to a resource-based society.

    650 000 $ to fill up your tank… And old people are dying without medicine or hope in many parts of the world… Retirement funds are getting big cutbacks. It’s a hopeless world as it is right now.

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      I agree with you on some things, but I think you are looking way to much into this post.

      • Tomkaten

         You’re right, of course, but I think I lost it when I saw the Ambani residence.


        I wonder what 2 billion dollars would mean for those slums.

        I know the usual broken record “who wouldn’t do that if they could”, but unless you’ve been wondering at some point how to get money to put food on the table for your family, you can’t possibly see where some people are coming from. I don’t live in India, but I know what that’s like. And it’s not because I don’t work my fingers to the bone, so to speak, but because some people are “more equal than others” come payday.

        This could make for an endless debate if you also take into account the poverty-induced demographics issues that these countries have, but the fact that some people spend millions to billions on such frivolous possessions while totally ignoring the needy doesn’t make this world a better place.

        • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

          Oh I know, that’s ridiculous. We also don’t know what some of the richies do as far as charity so we shouldn’t really judge them. I know what you’re saying though. You should read my post: http://www.sprichie.com/inspiration/my-life-and-thoughts/ to understand where I’m coming from. We all have our life’s struggles at times. A quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer goes something like this. “There’s no amount of being poor that you can do which can make someone else wealthy” and “there’s no amount of being unhappy that can make someone else happy” and “there’s no amount of being sick that can make someone healthy”. Basically, these people with extreme weatlh could give all their money away, and poverty will still exist. You could allow someone else’s unhappiness to bring you down and sympathize with them, but no amount of your unhappiness is going to make them feel better.

        • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

          Oh I know, that’s ridiculous. We also don’t know what some of the richies do as far as charity so we shouldn’t really judge them. I know what you’re saying though. You should read my post: http://www.sprichie.com/inspiration/my-life-and-thoughts/ to understand where I’m coming from. We all have our life’s struggles at times. A quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer goes something like this. “There’s no amount of being poor that you can do which can make someone else wealthy” and “there’s no amount of being unhappy that can make someone else happy” and “there’s no amount of being sick that can make someone healthy”. Basically, these people with extreme weatlh could give all their money away, and poverty will still exist. You could allow someone else’s unhappiness to bring you down and sympathize with them, but no amount of your unhappiness is going to make them feel better.

          • Tomkaten

            Scott, I agree, but there’s also a phrase that goes something like: “If you want change, be prepared to take the first step yourself”. I just can’t reconcile these two views.

            Things can be changed with lots of money… Or could, at some point, because some of these countries are beyond salvation now in my view. It’s amazing what 10-20 billions can do for many underprivileged people.

          • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

            I’m in total agreement with much of what you’re saying. Thanks to those like Warren Buffet. Small steps to big change.

          • Peoriaboy

            Warren Buffet doesn’t own a home as nice as this and you have to admire the rich to build a home like this it put a lot of tradesmen to work. Eight of us plus mother and father thats ten grew up in a one car garage outside plumbing a mile from Bradley University of which my dads brother graduated from and I have no problem with any one that can afford a home like this . I’m a retired carpenter and the biggest home I’ve built for someone is seven thousand square ft.I’m sure some of these people are quite generous they just don’t flaunt it. So get out and earn yours.

        • Baluja Michael39

          Ever thought of the fact that the money they earn is their money and they can do what ever they want, he’ll they could and probably do wipe their butts with $100 bills

        • Unknown

          Yep that sure is a horrible place to live in. Can’t believe how much we don’t need intact I don’t even need what I’m typing on right now. :(

    • Harpreeetsingh416

       even i agree man this all is a bull shit but i want it all in ma lyf to give it to ma parents n d people who need it

      • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

        I hear that.

    • Mindwise

      You useless fuck….As a personal advisor to some of the richest people in the world, Tony Chesta offers my clients the massive instinct to possibly passion every element shown! Tony Chesta is for real

      • UNKNOWN

        well if he want to do it then let him do it fuck face

    • Spenny

      I totally agree. The world is wasting their time making the most expensive “Shoe!!!???” when the money used to make the shoe could actually feed a whole country!

  • Kjbdkj

    for me , evrey thing its just carbige , think when the world end or u die , what u well do with that staff what cost even , 900000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollar or euro or pund or what ever , fuck that

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      We don’t take anything with us, but I just feel that if you work hard and want to reward yourself then go for it. Since I and many others don’t have millions or billions in the bank we can’t judge those that do. Zuckerberg dropping 10 million on something is like me to drop $10. I’m also not going to judge someone that gives 100 million to a community, just because he has 5 billion more he should’ve given according to some.

  • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

    Yeah. The Mukesh house is crazy. I read alot about that house through the Forbes article and it raised some controversy, but it provided many jobs and will continue to. Much of that house is for his employees. Slippers are ugly, agreed, and the watch is ridiculous because you can’t even see the face. I just picked these crazy items, but besides the sports car nothing interests me. Funny though, the last video with the house on lake linear in Georgia is my dream house. I found the plans to that house, customized them, and then found that video months later. Maybe the law of attraction will work for me.

  • Venegasemely45


  • christian blaylock

    i sooooooooo want that freakin iphone

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      You should check out this guys iPad if you like the iPhone. Just a cool 300,000 euros I believe. http://stuarthughes.com/newdawn/product_info.php?products_id=89. Crazy stuff on his site.

      • Peoriaboy

        You got to look at it this way the guys that work in the diamond mines although they work hard in those mines they make a living to feed their families. Fools that spend that much money on something that has that many diamonds scattered around it keeps the miners work-n and then the thief that steals it just made a good haul , look at the positive side.Riches are to be made and then you have those that prey upon the rich and that creates another job like security jobs etc.

  • Shaswata Chatterjee

    You’re right but u should not judge them as they also do so many charity kind of stuffs

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Exactly, and then they shouldn’t be judged because they don’t donate enough. Just because someone is a billionaire doesn’t mean they need to donate 500 million dollars.

  • Tonysony0103

    Anti-matter is the most expensive I’ve ever seen. 62.2 Trillion Dollars a gram. You can destroy the Earth with like..50 pounds of it.

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Here’s an interesting science lesson on antimatter for Wikipedia. In particle physics, antimatter is the extension of the concept of the antiparticle to matter, where antimatter is composed of antiparticles in the same way that normal matter is composed of particles. For example, a positron (the antiparticle of the electron or e+) and an antiproton can form an antihydrogen atom in the same way that an electron and a proton form a “normal matter” hydrogen atom. Furthermore, mixing matter and antimatter can lead to the annihilation of both, in the same way that mixing antiparticles and particles does, thus giving rise to high-energy photons (gamma rays) or other particle–antiparticle pairs. The result of antimatter meeting matter is an explosion.

  • thakattack

    that guitar was signed by more people

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Who else. These were just the names I found.

  • mac


  • Yousuck

    omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg awesome facts but tomkaten is right

  • GoldenRule

    I’ve completely changed my opinion of these rich shits who can afford to buy things like this.  I used to be the guy who helped everyone and would do Anything for anyone, not just family like most people.  Now I’ve lost everything I worked my ass off for and I can’t catch a break getting a job doing something i’m one of the best in the industry at.  These pricks who talk shit like “It’s their money and they can spend it on whatever they want”, you obviously never went a day in your life without anything so of course that’s what you say.  It’s easy when you’re all set and have everything you need.  Lemme know when you lose it all and have to worry where your next meal is coming from or your kids meal for that matter.  If I ever get back to where I was before I wouldn’t do a thing for anyone ever again. It proved to be the single worse mistake I’ve ever made.  I’m gonna make sure it’s people who KNOW what it’s like to be down and out who get the jobs, and not the scumbags who pretend to give a shit about others like 99.9% of most people.  What I’m saying is F all of you who have an opinion about how the poor feel when you’ve never had a truly hard day in your entire over privileged lives!!!

  • GoldenRule

    Of course the comment must be approved, we wouldn’t wanna tell the TRUTH about how things REALLY are and offend anyone who probably deserves offending anyway… Pathetic.

  • Ovsannna

    Just because something is freakin covered in diamonds that doesn’t mean it is the worlds most expensive thing.

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Some of the designers love their diamonds for sure.



    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      In all fairness we wouldn’t even know if they did. Doesn’t everyone need a $2BILLION house? :)

      • SerotoninJoe

        Yes I do. I have 147 stray cats and one litterbox!  : /

    • Peoriaboy

      Ya so they can do their drugs like obumer give me every thing so I can do nothing.Lets see I bet that upkeep on that home employes a lot of people. You could give a poor man a porsche but hell if he can’t keep it up you just wasted your money,give him a two hundred dollar bike and in a week it will be ruined.

  • SerotoninJoe

    I’m not a douche or anything but just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have to solve the worlds problem. Mrs. Omama wears $500 shoes to sling soup to wineos. That’s not going to change people! There will always be givers and takers. The Catholic church has more money than God himself why don’t they do something constructive? I don’t mean a bake sale or bingo for Jesus but important things like world hunger If I make $30,000,000 a year I damn sure wouldn’t be driving a Ford Focus. Why the hell should I?

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Nicely said.

  • Nflman12

    those r expensive but the Bugatti look cool.

  • Ferozkamawal

    absolutely right it has bee a useless add ever came up with, dammn!!!! I would sell my 1000000 acre ranchete and easment and theñ will determine to buy all of them~~

  • waytomakeitpolitical

    a lot of rich people give so much to charity.. 

    and people who live in slums or ghettos should try 
    to join helpful causes for their communities instead
    of joining gangs and making the world worse.

  • Mr. Intelligent Guy

    Nice list – also “Tomakaten” I agree with you “but man must have his luxuries”, right? Also I’m sure that rich Indian bastard spends plenty of money into charity anyway . . .

  • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

    Big spender!!

  • Think about it

    Man WTF
    what do u think that a person will do with an iphone covered with platinum and diamonds and a box made of platinum after all it is going to end up in closet and an iphone that expensive u got to be kiddin me what good is it just to show off man the cash people use to buy crap like this can be used to help the poor and needy
    think about it

  • The 5th Beatle

    I think the guitar was worth it.I mean it was signed bye Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney!

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      That and it was all done for a great cause.

  • Reilly

    thats ridiculus!!!!

  • Drew.m

    It just goes to show…money can’t buy you taste.

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Yeah. Most everything listed is about as tacky as it gets. I’ll take the Bugatti though.

  • thedopestobviously

    i wouldnt buy half of that if i was rich wtf?

  • Bizz77

    This is so awesomely cool people!

  • Bizz77


  • Car guy

    Bugatti is no where close to most expensive car, maybach excelero is 8Mil.

  • EBC

    I can hardly see the face on that diamond watch! Not even Paris Hilton would buy that!

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Somebody probably did, but I agree, it’s hideous.

  • kk

    The iphone one is so untrue its so only th most expensive because of the case and the box, is the htc phone

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are adding up the phone, case and box.

  • pauliefrog

    Ya lets see if we can waste some more money while people are starving in the streets. Why dont they build the most expensive drug rehab chain . Actually make a difference .beautiful works of art though

  • fcfvggvccvvc

    these r a waste of money

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      The watch is def the worst of them all. You can’t even see the face.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rudy.rori.3 Rudy Rori


  • dhanej

    mumbai has this $43billon house and also the largest strech of slums what a fucked up fact…:(

  • Negative Edge

    this list is bullshit, cause I payed 4 my uni 60000$ over 4 years

    • http://sprichie.com/ Scott Sprich

      Thanks for the kind words. What university did you go to?

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  • jbellneely

    you guys are weird, let these people do what they want because i bet if 3/4ths of the people on here had billions to splerg on whatever whenever because you knew you could you would, stop being haters and be real with yourselves!

  • google+

    this amazing i want to be a trilkion air when igrowmup and bue the watch the rube sneaeker thing the wine th house the car boat

  • Patricia

    Why would someone waste a money for just that kind of thingy

  • Shane Williams

    whew… i want the car the house and the phone