10 Home Organization and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

January 12, 2015| Category : Home
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Storage Ideas

Coming up with storage ideas when trying to organize your home can be difficult.  Sometimes we think we’ve utilized a space to it’s fullest, but if you’re trying to squeeze every last ounce of storage from a small space, it’s good to learn about more options.

I know how limited space is in my house with a toddler slowly taking over, so these ideas definitely inspired me.

Here are 10 ways to maximize your small space storage.

1. Bedroom Storage using the headboard for shelving.

Headboard Storage

Although it’s alittle odd to have a bed centered in a room such as this, you still get some great ideas from this storage solution.

If the headboard was against the wall you could raise the shelving up starting at head height, with the open concept behind your head as you see here.  Then at the bottom of the storage unit you could use the free space to store items you didn’t want in plain view.

2. Bedroom/Living Combo Storage All in One

Small Space Storage

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  This gives the “Murphy Bed” a new modern twist.

3. Toy storage ideas for a child’s bedroom

I really like this one considering my toddler has so many stuffed animals, and they take up a ton of space.  Outdoor hanging planters mounted to the wall provide great storage for more than just the stuffed animals.

It also gives some character to the room and utilizes an empty wall space.

Toy Storage Idea

4. Garage storage solution between cars.

Garage Storage Ideas

I guess when you consider that this is at least a 2 car garage it can’t be classified as a small space, but I couldn’t resist.  This just got me thinking about the wasted space between cars when they are parked in the garage.

It’s a great space for stacked open shelving, or a small bar area if you are so inspired as the picture above.

5. Bathroom storage ideas – recessed shelving

Bathroom Storage Ideas

As simple as the built in shelving idea is it shouldn’t be overlooked for any small space.  I’ve used this in my bathroom to recess my cabinets into the wall, making them not stick out into the room as far.

6. Under staircase cabinet storage

Under Staircase Storage Ideas

We’ve all heard about the under staircase storage idea, but this is one with style.  It doesn’t just have to be standard cabinetry with no pop.  As seen here, the space below the stairs can double as a wine rack, wine and cigar humidor, as well as storage cubes for anything.

7. Living Room – Room Divider Storage

Room Divider Storage

This room divider storage solution stood out to me because it was more than just open square box shelving.  The inspiration you can draw from this: 2 tone woods or colors, modern design, cabinets with satin nickel handles, as well as mixing open concept shelving with closed cupboards.

8. Small Space Multi-function Coffee Table

Coffee Table Storage

There are many multi-function coffee tables on the market, but I liked how this one slid out to create double the surface.  It also contains all the storage space you need for the little things that take up space in your living room.

This is a Davide Varotto design, and will cost you in the thousands, but I’m sure you can find less expensive solutions at a place like IKEA.

9. Space Saving Lounge Chair with Combination Book Shelf Storage

Lounge Chair Storage Idea

Once again, when you combine furniture function with storage you end up with something like this.

Maybe somewhat too much of a modern design for many this idea of combining furniture styles together to save space is a great storage solution for small spaces.

You can incorporate this idea into your small space by combining different level book shelves, leaving a space for seating.  Then just go buy a cushion sized to your seating area and you’ve created your own combination furniture.

10. Kitchen Storage Ideas – Modern Hanging Planter with Fruit Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas

This combination storage concept for the kitchen is an easy way to get your fruits, veggies, or whatever you want off the counter, while combining this with some plant life for the kitchen.  This Solomonsen Design does much more than just look cool, it actually is cool (literally).

The designer states, “In this organic shape you can grow spices and store fruits, which will give you both life and colour in the kitchen. Cocoon is made of a clay that absorbs water from the cultivation. When it evaporates the storage is cooled down.”

I hope you enjoyed these 10 storage ideas for small spaces.  Although some can be used for larger spaces the goal is to get your creativity flowing so you can come up with your own storage solution ideas.

Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom

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